Batman 52 (2015) # 37 (NM) Newsstand Barnes And Nobles Variant Limited 2,000

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Rarest newsstand limited to 1,000-3,000 comics

Here's an in-depth article on the subject:

Since the new 52 started in 2011, almost all newsstand issues were only found in Barnes and Nobles stores. They were also sold in actual newsstands, but those are few and far between. I actually got to see the number of newsstand issues that were received by several Barnes and Nobles stores toward the end of the newsstand production. That is because I asked several Barnes and Nobles stores if they ever had received a newsstand copy of Batman #30 (out of about 10 stores asked, none of them ever had one, and the clerks were usually willing to show me the number of each issue of Batman that they received AND sold). For a popular title like Batman, a Barnes and Noble store would usually receive 3 copies. In 2017, there were 633 Barnes and Nobles stores. If we assume a total of 700 newsstand outlets, then there should be approximately 2000 newsstand issues produced of any Batman Rebirth issue. Keep in mind that not all the Barnes and Nobles newsstand issues sold out, so the actual number of surviving copies I'm sure is less. According to Comichron there were approximately 100,000 issues of each issue of Batman in that time period. So the ratio of direct sales to newsstand is about 50 to 1 (or less), which sounds about right to me based on my experiences with trying to track down newsstand issues that I missed.

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